Charity: To Give Or Not To Give?


29 August 2015

Sat 29 Aug


Tickets £15

Age 12+


Written and directed by Zayneb Khan

Produced by Zeenat Akbar

Starring: Max Attard, Denny Hodge, Nadi Kemp Sayfi, Keiren Hamilton-Amos and Aimee Powell

A contemporary play set in the present day England, where charities receive an average £29 a month from British donors. Adam, a curious fundraiser, wants to know what compels us to donate, engage in charitable acts and if there is any truth in the claim that charity enriches the donor more than the beneficiary. 


Based on the experiences, insights and challenges of British charity fundraisers and volunteers, Charity; to give or not to give? aims to reveal the unique relationship between the donor and beneficiary, offering audiences an opportunity to explore ‘charity’ like never before. 

Adam is a troubled young man who manages to come across to most people as fierce, ambitious and confident.   After the sudden tragic death of his close friend, he retreats from his lavish lifestyle of being a nightclub owner and stumbles across a local soup kitchen where he is mistaken as a volunteer.  Whilst volunteering, he experiences inner happiness and for the first time a sense of fulfilment. 

He decides to sell his night club  and volunteers in a local charity where he embarks on a journey to unravel ‘charity’ and why we choose to engage in charitable acts or donate to charity.  If  giving charity is a transaction like any other and not a hand out as we commonly believe, then  why aren’t the non-monetary benefits to donors openly discussed and acknowledged?   Adam explores the unique relationship between the donor and the beneficiary, hoping to find answers to all the questions haunting him since volunteering in the soup kitchen.    

Due to his dedication and charisma, he soon becomes a successful charity fundraiser and is once again thrown into the limelight, travelling the world raising thousands of pounds for orphans, refugees and the hunger stricken.  But how can his life remain the same now that he has witnessed extreme poverty and injustice?  Once again, he struggles to find a sense of normality and balance. Meanwhile, tensions at home escalate between Adam and his father forcing him to confront the demons he has been running away from for so long, and thus finally taste the fruits of charity starting at home.


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