English Curry Awards 2015


Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the English Curry Awards 2015 are now open.


There are fourteen categories to nominate in and they are:


Curry Lover of the Year

Curry Lover of the Year Award celebrates England’s biggest Curry fiend – an individual or group that are genuine fruit loop for curry!


Team/Service of the Year

Team/Service of the Year Award recognises and rewards the commitment and dedication of the restaurant’s entourage who provide a service where excellence is standard.


Chef of the Year

Chef of the Year Award honours the Chef whose culinary delights have tantalised. Titillated and bewitched the English public’s taste buds.


Take Away of the Year

Take Away of the Year Award recognises and heartily commends those whose gastronomic delights grace the dinning tables, the living rooms and the laps in England’s homes.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award commemorates a life time of work and dedication to the Curry Industry – an individual whose actions have furthered and developed the industry.


Restaurant of the Year

The Restaurant of the Year Award honours the restaurant which serves up the finest Curry cuisine and atmosphere in England.


Curry King or Queen 2015

Curry King or Queen 2015 Award hails the dawn of an individual who has engrossed themselves in the Curry Industry and successfully emerged at the forefront of the industry.


Caterer of the Year

Caterer of the Year recognises and heartily commends the dedication, enthusiasm and fervour of those who work from intimate parties to large-scale events, providing a standard of excellence that is second to none.


Best of Manchester

As we receive such a high volume of nomination in the hosting city we award The Best of Manchester. This will be the most popular Restaurant or Takeaway in Manchester, with good food and great value for money.


Healthy Curry Provider

The Healthy Curry Provider award recognises those who promote a healthy living, be it a restaurant/takeaway cooking the healthy way or a brand or product used to bring the nutrients into a good curry. This category is open to all who thrive to give you good food the healthy way!


Maitre D’ of the Year

This Award recognises those who step up to the mark and ensure every customer is left satisfied. The Maitre D’ of the Year would be someone who makes the first impression that lasts! This individual exudes an air of competence as he or she directs front-of-house operations within the restaurant.


Best Restaurant Design

This award is for a restaurant that has spent considerable effort on the design of a restaurant to ensure customers get the full dining experience.


Best Marketing Campaign

The Best Marketing Campaign award recognises those who promote continuously, weather it is the promo’s they run to the events they hold! This award recognises those who’s out of the box thinking adopts creative marketing strategies, giving their brand the edge over others.


New Restaurant of the Year

This category rewards and recognises those who have managed to successfully open and run a new restaurant despite the economic challenges.


For more information about the awards, to nominate or to book tickets, please visit: http://www.lovecurry.info/english-curry-awards/entry.html


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