Babar Ahmad Released


Judge Allows Briton to Return to UK

A British man who was sentenced to 12 years in a US jail after admitting to setting up pro-Jihadi websites, has returned to the UK after being released.


Babar Ahmad travelled back to his family in south London just in time to celebrate Eid. His had been extradited to the US, last July, after losing a long-fought battle and spending over 10 years in a British jail on charges that his website was being used to raise funds and recruit fighters for terrorist groups.


The 41-year-old was released early after the judge ruled he had already served his time. His family released a statement saying the last 11 years had been difficult. Ahmad added, “Eleven years of solitary confinement and isolation in 10 different prisons has been an experience too profound to sum up in a few words here and now.


“Today, I have absolutely nothing. Yet I am rich. All praise be to God.”


“In time, I look forward to sharing reflections on my experience to help inform others. I recognise that the world has moved on since 2004, yet in some ways, sadly it has failed to progress.”


“For now, I intend to reconnect privately with my incredible family, to whom I owe so much.


“It was a great joy to celebrate Eid with them for the first time in 11 years and to hug three of my nieces and nephews whom I had never met before. It has been a long time.”


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