Prime Minister to Tackle Extremism


David Cameron’s Five Year Plan to Stop Home-Grown Radicalisation

In a keynote speech, Prime Minister David Cameron will set out a five-year government plan to tackle radicalisation and extremist ideology. Speaking in Birmingham, Mr Cameron will say the issue has become a “struggle for a generation.”


Tackling the issue of home-grown radicalisation, the Prime Minister will be setting out his agenda to tackle the growing problem of young people joining terrorist groups along with the conspiracy theories.  


““When people say: ‘It’s because of the involvement in the Iraq war that people are attacking the west,’ we should remind them: 9/11 – the biggest loss of life of British citizens in a terrorist attack – happened before the Iraq war,”


“When they say that these are wronged Muslims getting revenge on their western wrongdoers, let’s remind them: from Kosovo to Somalia, countries like Britain have stepped in to save Muslim people from massacres. It’s groups like [Islamic State], al-Qaida and Boko Haram that are the ones murdering Muslims.”

He will continue: “Others might say: it’s because terrorists are driven to their actions by poverty. But that ignores the fact that many of these terrorists have had the full advantages of prosperous families and a western university education.


“I am not saying these issues aren’t important. But let’s not delude ourselves. We could deal with all these issues – and some people in our country and elsewhere would still be drawn to Islamist extremism.”


The prime minister will set out what he sees as the four main reasons that people become radicalised:

  • Extremism can seem exciting, especially to young people.
  • People can be drawn from non-violent extremism to violent extremism.
  • Extremists are overpowering other voices within Muslim debate.
  • Failures of integration allow extremist ideas to gain traction.


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