Muslim Graves Attacked


Police Believe Link to Tunisia

Police have described vandalism on Muslim graves as an ‘act of hatred.” 10 plots in a Muslim graveyard in Nottingham were damaged with name plaques smashed.


Police have said that they are liaising closely with the Muslim community and believe the incident is linked to the recent gun attack in Tunisia which left up to 38 people dead, 30 of them British.


Nottingham City Council said the vandalism was an “act of hatred”.


Deputy leader Graham Chapman said, “We will be increasing security at the cemetery and, although we cannot guarantee solving this hate crime, the council will be working with the police to do our utmost to track down the perpetrators.”


Mr Chapman said he believed it was the work of one or two “idiots” and not a gang of people.


Ch Supt Mark Holland said: “Criminal damage of this nature is obviously very upsetting for the families and we are working swiftly in our efforts to identify those responsible.”


Wasim Chaudry said one of the graves belonged to a member of his family.


He said: “She passed away just over three weeks ago so obviously it’s still quite raw… we had a temporary name plaque put on and it has all been shattered.


“I’m a bit angry to say the least.”


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