Top Trends for Spring & Summer 2015


by Fashion Blogger Sarah Khan

With the surge of Indian & Pakistani fashion weeks, it’s trends time again!

Top trend from PDFC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 was from award-winning designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin also known as HSY.

HSY is the 90’s Shah Ruk Khan of South Asian fashion – young, fresh and his work just gets better and better. For example his latest collection took traditional South Asian fabrics, embroideries and designs such as the salwar kameez and transformed it into the 21st century by adding a unique twist such as the cape dupatta.

HSY certainly knows how to create the peak of modern fashion movement in the South Asian fashion scene. HSY takes traditional fashion techniques to new heights, whilst empowering Pakistani women through fashion and a talent you have to appreciate. 

Payal Singhal doesn’t need to do much to get our heads turning and it was no different at FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week 2015.

If you were looking for some glamour to a special occasion or wedding, we would definitely recommend the classic shimmery peachy gold lengha, sequin embellished dupatta draped down one side of the garment finished off with a silver waist belt.

Payal Singhal’s eye for modern fashion designs combined with stunning Indian fabrics the designer creates another to die for masterpiece. 

And last but not least is the renowned dazzle of Pakistani clothing designer, Deepak Perwani.

The designer’s latest collection featured stunning modern silhouettes combining practical silks with extraordinary western inspired subtle prints. The symmetrical patterned jumpsuits with waist belts, two combinations patterned blazer suits, paisley trouser suits and gathered in sections with fabric-draped dresses were a big hit.

Deepak Perwani is a much-loved designer by many not only because he pushes the boundaries of South Asian fashion but the fashion he creates gives the new modern South Asian women a voice of freedom through everyday fashion.


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