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Beauty by professional beautician & hair and make-up artist Rav Deol

Hi! Im Rav Deol and I would like to welcome you to my brand spanking new beauty column! I am a busy full time Mum of one, a professional beautician, hair and make-up artist, a professional mehndi artist for the last 18 years and…a solicitor to boot! I think that’s as diverse as it gets! I will be writing about all things beauty related and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing for you all.

I am sure I speak for many when I say the unusually amazing warm weather recently certainly put a spring (or should I say premature summer!) in my step! The glorious weather invokes a feel good factor, barbeques and sun bathing are the order of the day. As I reached for my sunscreen, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of us really give our skin the attention it needs? So what better way to kick start my column than a lowdown on the ultimate beauty tool – skincare!

Skincare rules do not just apply to women, so, in typical legal terminology, can I just say words importing any gender include every gender!

  • It is essential to ascertain your skin type and buy a suitable cleanser, toner, moisturiser and exfoliator as one size does not fit all!
  • Cleanse cleanse cleanse! Removal of dirt, oil, pollutants and make up from the face is essential and a good cleanser offers an array of benefits. Ensure the cleanser is not harsh for your skin. Once clean, apply a toner to help promote skin tightening and pore reduction. At this point a serum or essence – think retinol and peptides – can be applied to work its magic (more on these in the following weeks).
  • Apply a soothing eye cream to the delicate skin around the eyes to help address issues such as fine lines and puffiness.
  • Moisturise! Ensure your moisturiser contains elements to protect against pollution and SPF to protect from UV rays (or use a separate SPF cream). SPF is vital and can help prevent (possibly cancer causing) UV rays from penetrating the skin. It is a common misunderstanding that SPF is only required in baking heat. Many are unaware that exposure to the sun at any degree can be harmful, which is why it is essential to incorporate sun protection into any skincare regime, taking extra care of babies, children and youngsters.
  • This routine should be repeated at the end of the day but replacing the day moisturiser with one formulated especially for the night. Some people also opt to “double cleanse” at night to ensure thorough removal of the day’s grime from the face, eliminating the risk of bacteria building up overnight.
  • An exfoliator should be used once or twice a week to slough away the dead skin cells and refresh the face. Some are milder or harsher than others and it is essential to follow the directions for use to avoid damaging the skin. Gently exfoliate your lips for smooth smackers, too!
  • Remember, your skincare products should be suitable for your age. Youthful 20 year old skin has different requirement s to mature skin and you may wish to engage in a skincare consultation with someone qualified before purchasing your products.
  • In addition to this daily routine, face masks can be used to achieve different results for your skin. Over the counter as well as home made face packs claim to promote everything from anti-ageing to brightening of the skin. For that pampered feeling alone it sounds like a great reason to take a half an hour break to me!
  • Be weather wary!! Different seasons have different effects on your skin, alter your skincare routine accordingly with suitable products. Whilst we all need vitamin D, it is important to remember that UV rays from the sun can have very harmful effects on the skin and as mentioned above, steps must be taken to protect the skin. Similarly, harsher cold weather can cause dry and damaged skin and suitable protective and soothing products should be incorporated into your routine.
  • Eat and drink well as research suggests that some foods contribute to youthful and glowing skin. Aim for a diet rich in antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamins C and E, and minerals to protect and nourish your skin. Did you know that dark chocolate contains antioxidants..? Happy days! As well as eating the good stuff, it has been claimed that topical application of certain vitamin rich foods can improve the skin. I for one am happy to slather on a blueberry and raw honey face pack but I think the chocolate will remain an edible treat for me!
  • The wonders of water! Drinking enough water not only yields numerous health benefits but helps to achieve clarity and glow by flushing out the toxins from your system. Aim for at least two litres a day. Different beverages, such as herbal teas, may form part of your daily water intake but sugar laden, high in fat drinks should not.
  • Limit smoking and alcohol. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen, breaks down collagen and causes premature ageing, encouraging wrinkles, lines, age spots and uneven skin tone. Alcohol encourages dehydration of the body and skin and the general effects of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption on your health are the topic of a whole new article, please!
  • Sleep well! Depriving yourself of enough sleep or having a disrupted sleeping pattern not only takes its toll on your skin by making it look dull and tired, it can have an adverse effect on your mental wellbeing, too. Get enough sleep, wake up happy and make the day your own!
  • Remember to stick as closely as possible to your routine as with most things it is dedication that yields results!
The above is by no means an exhaustive list of skincare tips and I am sure you all have one or two secrets of your own! I would love to hear from you with your favourite skincare tips so write in to me at and I will feature the best ones next month.

Have a great month and enjoy the sun…safely!



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