Insensitive Air India


Footage Shows Staff Refusing To Let Passengers Board

A video has circulated on social media showing Air India staff refusing to let distressed passengers on board. The video, which has had 29,000 shares so far, shows staff barely reacting as passengers pleaded and begged after they were not allowed to board a flight, allegedly for being late.

“Once you are late, you are late. You lose the flight. Nothing is free,” an official of the company is heard telling passengers who allegedly arrived 55 minutes before their flight. Air India’s website states check-ins stop 60 minutes before an international flight.

The angry passengers claim they were given the wrong information from the website’s message.

One woman in the video even cried to the staff saying her mother was severely unwell, repeatedly saying “Please help me”. One of the passengers secretly filmed the incident and put it on Facebook, prompting a huge backlash.


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