Nuts About Curry


Curry Cautioned In Nuts Controversy

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have begun a wide investigation after Almonds were found in fajita kits from Morrisons’ and Aldi, and in Bart’s ground cumin. The three items were not advertised as containing nuts.

People with nut allergies were put on alert and told not to buy curry or other spicy products which also contain nuts. Creamy curries such as Tikka Masala, Murgh Korma and Pasanda, often contain cashew nuts and ground almonds. Peshawari Naan and deserts such as Gajar Ka Halwar and Payasam also commonly contain nuts.

Peanuts are one of the most common causes of fatal allergic reactions to food.

The FSA are now looking at how the food was contaminated and testing other products containing cumin for nut proteins


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