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Trends at Telenor Bridal Couture Week

Telenor Bridal Couture Week (TBCW) is no ordinary fashion show but a fashion week that brings high-end Pakistani extravagance to the runway. You’re bound to spot dazzling bridal creations from some of the best Pakistani designers in the world who showcased their rare yet unique designs. And the latest Bridal Couture Week took place in Lahore and it was like no other in the world.

Ali Xeeshan didn’t let us down with his flamboyant head gear which complimented the Couture looks beautifully. He used a variety of traditional colours including a mix of reds, yellow and orange but sticking to red as his primary platte. The intricacy in his designs amazed us once agai. Ali Xeeshan really knows how to cast us under his spell.

Faraz Mannan’s showcases brides and grooms can wear black and gold and look stunning on your wedding day. The main feature was Faraz Mannan’s crop blouse with exquisite Pakistani detailing and a shimmery golden and hints of black lengha. The detailing on the dupatta added a touch of elegance and grace, a perfect bridal gown for your special day.

The main bridal trend from Fozia Hammad is long kameez jackets with a heavy lengha. Well not everyone wants heavy traditional wedding dresses; if you’re looking for bridal wear or more of a subtle Fozia Hammad shared wrap over style suits with shades of whites, creams and beige. The focal point has to be round the neck and waist.

And it’s not only the ladies who need to look good but the grooms who need to make an entrance and rock the velvet sherwani trend for autumn and winter. If you’re not a fan of velvet why not try a full detailed or netted sharwani as now even the grooms have to look fashionable.

The TBCW trends include; grooms you can’t go without a show stopping yet subtle sharwani. Bridesmaids and sisters you can’t go wrong with long wrap cream suits and remember less is more. For your bridal outfits you can go with the classic red which well-known Pakistani fashion house Ali Xeeshan gave their collection yet with a hint of Malaysian or Egyptian. And if you’re brave and want to be different TBCW runway has spoken and gold and blacks are in! 

Author: Sara Khan, Sara K blog

Facebook: /sarakblog


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