A Heart-Felt Fundraiser


Children of a Mother Injured in Car Crash Overwhelmed by Fundraising Support

Teenagers Jasmin Akter, aged 13, Ismail Mohammed, aged 15, and Yeasin Mohammed, aged 18 were left to support themselves after their mother was involved in a serious car accident whilst on holiday.

With hardly any income left they were struggling to buy basic things such as food. However when the staff at Jasmin and Ismail’s school Carlton Bolling College found out about their situation, they began a fundraising appeal.

After news of the children’s story went public the school was flooded with contributions of food, money and household furniture which totaled to approximately £4,000. The children have voiced their happiness over the support, Yeasin said, “It has been amazing, I want to thank everyone so much. There are people who are doing fundraising for us. We are so grateful to everyone.”

Head Teacher’s assistant Janet Dunn revealed they had non-stop calls in support for the siblings. She claimed, “It has been absolutely unbelievable. There has been about £4,000 donated so far, with events planned for over the holidays.

“We just can’t believe how many people have come forward, and they’ve offered cash, food and furniture. It’s been individuals and businesses.”

The family first moved to Bangladesh to escape the violent conflicts in Burma when Yeasin was just a baby. The children’s father, Dil Mohammed, died 14 years ago. They moved to Bradford 5 years ago.

The children’s mother, Mahfuza Khatun, suffered spinal injuries after a car accident. As she had no car insurance the family were left with incredibly expensive bills for her treatment. The flight back from Bangladesh amounted to more than £7,000. As the eldest son was unable to access the mother’s benefits they survived on his benefits of £57 a week.

Although Yeasin wanted to become an apprentice but now must split his time between visiting his mother in Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield and running their household.

Bradford-based Intouch Foundation will be holding a fundraiser for the family and other people living in poverty.


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