Handy Halloween Gadgets


The Latest Ghoulish Gadgets and Funky Ideas for This Halloween

Halloween is near so get spruced up with the latest ghoulish gadgets and funky ideas from The Asian Today.

Thumbin’ a drive: I have to admit, I was not prepared for this. But seriously, this “thumb drive” is an obvious choice for Halloween and a pun to boot. 

DIY spirit radio: You know if something was creepy enough to spook out an already creepy Nikola Tesla, it has to be like clown-level creepy. That was the case with the Spirit Radio. This updated version is basically a crystal radio circuit connected to a computer sound-in jack that generates bizarre sounds from various electromagnetic sources.

Fogging jack o’ lantern:
You don’t need a poorly carved, poorly lit pumpkin bursting into flames on your front porch in front of a bunch of kids and engulfing your doorway like it’s the portal to hell … again. So keep it safe with this 3-foot-tall fogging jack o’ lantern. The eyes, nose and mouth light up and it will produce fog from a 6-gallon tank of water for hours.

Instead of trying to get creative to scare people this Halloween, it might be a lot easier to bust out the big guns. ShockGunz, to be more precise. These portable fear cannons come in several varieties — all of which feature bright lights and loud horns in different configurations. All you need to do is sneak up behind someone and pull the trigger. And don’t worry, you can’t be arrested for owning this type of gun — unless we are talking about cardiac arrest.

When being a fairy isn’t lame: Yes, you can make yourself or a loved one a pair of wings fairly easily with some wire and a sheet. Where’s the fun in that?! Check out these extraordinary robot LED wings. 




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