Birmingham Community Outreach Programme Announced By TV Licensing


TV Licensing will be reaching out to citizens in Handsworth and Lozells



TV Licensing will be reaching out to members of the Handsworth and Lozells communities in Birmingham this summer in a series of multilingual awareness-raising sessions aimed at helping residents from diverse backgrounds to understand where a licence is needed. Representatives from TV Licensing will also be on hand to explain different payment options and provide licensing information in more than four different languages.


Community groups, local money advice organisations and faith groups will be hosting the events at a variety of venues in the Lozells and Handsworth areas of Birmingham.


At each session, representatives for TV Licensing will explain the law around licensing requirements, ways to spread the cost of a licence, and the need to be licensed when watching or recording live television. People attending the sessions will also be welcome to ask questions.


Last year, TV Licensing worked with more than 420 charity and community groups across the UK, but this is the first time TV Licensing has held open community sessions in Lozells and East Handsworth.


Mark Whitehouse, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said: “We’re really looking forward to working with community groups around Lozells and Handsworth to help people within the local area have a greater understanding about TV Licensing and when you do and don’t need a TV Licence.


“In preparing for these sessions, we’ve met some wonderful staff, visitors and worshippers from Lozells Central Mosque and the Nishkam Centre. We appreciate these groups are lending their time and support to our information sessions and we’re very much looking forward to getting out there and meeting more community members over the coming weeks.”


Councillor Mahmood Hussain, who represents the communities of Lozells and East Handsworth, said: “It is good to see that TV Licensing is reaching out to people in areas like the one I represent. For people who may not have lived in this country for very long, they might be unaware of the need for a television licence. It is therefore very important to share information to encourage them to get a licence and to help them stay on the right side of the law. This is a very worthwhile campaign which I fully support.”


People will also have the opportunity to buy a TV Licence on the day, at information sessions in Lozells and Handsworth.


TV Licensing will be holding the community events in Birmingham at the following locations:

  • Sports and Cultural Day at Handsworth Park on Sunday, 24 August – 12pm to 6pm
  • Lozells Central Mosque at Lozells Road, B19 1RJ on Friday, 29 August – 12.30pm to 2.30pm
  • Rose Hill Residents’ Ass. at Fire Station, Rookery Road, B21 9QU on Wednesday, September 10
  • Nishkam Centre, Creative English at Soho Road, B21 9BH on Thursday, September 11                                                                      
TV Licensing information is also available in a number of languages, including Punjabi, Urdu and Somali at and translation services are available for anyone needing additional language support to set up a licence by calling 0300 790 6114.


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