30 meal ideas for making Iftari special for your family


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Every year the tradition of Ramadan involves fasting, sacrifice and worship but the Holy Month also carries the enormous task of cooking a variety of recipes and flavors for the family during Iftar time. With an entire month’s worth of Ramadan meals to prepare, many of you are already trying to think and plan up your menus with meal ideas.


Asda asked Muslim mums “How did they decide on what to cook for Ramadan?” A number of mums said they opted to tune in to cooking programmes on TV for meal ideas, while some said they go through recipe books. Quite a few looked for ideas in magazines/newspaper whilst many others searched the Internet for meal ideas.


Mums were also asked if they found cooking during Ramadan challenging? Many of them agreed that cooking during the month of fast was challenging. Like thousands of others thinking about what to cook this month, Asda customer Mrs. Sara Shah, a Homemaker from Birmingham, said: Any new meal ideas and ingredients around this month are welcome. I’m constantly looking for meal ideas as I often get stuck thinking about what to cook for Iftar. I do ask family and friends for ideas but most often I’ll read the newspaper for inspiration. ”


A number of mums also shared that their number one priority was to look for bargains and special offers when shopping for Ramadan. Asda customer Khadijah Daria from Leicester said: “I want value for my money so shop at Asda for large ranges on products at low prices. I stock up on the essentials like rice, lentils, oil and spices. It’s thereafter I take time out to look for new recipes and ingredients, always looking to cook up something different and exciting.”


Helen Yates, Customer Planning Manager for Asda Ethnic Ranges said: “Our customers have told us that in the weeks running up to Ramadan they are looking for trusted brands on key staples like rice, flour, oil and spices. Then during Ramadan they want to see new and interesting products as they are looking for inspiration. Whether they top up their shopping or do a big planned shop, being able to get everything to make a meal is essential which is why this year we have focussed on getting the right brands at great prices as well as making sure we have other exciting products that the customer will be delighted to see in Asda.”


To help you with your Iftar meal planning this year, Asda is sharing a special collection of tasty and loveable Ramadan meal ideas that will add variety, aroma and taste to your Iftar table.




Iftar recipes for Ramadan



Stuffed Dates –

Chicken Paratha Roll


Malai Kebab –

Strawberry & Anise Smoothie


Spiced Vegetable Puffs

– Fruit Chaat


Besan Ke Dahi Bade


Chicken Pakora


Lime Chicken Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa


Keema Korma with Rice


Steak & Chips


Chicken Rogan Josh with Potatoes & Peas

DAY 10

Baked Salmon with Dill & Thyme

DAY 11

Chicken Pita Rolls with Hummus & Tabbouleh

DAY 12

Creamy Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

DAY 13

Aloo Ki Tikki

DAY 14

Turkey Burgers Stuffed with Feta

DAY 15

Spiced Whole Chicken

DAY 16

Pau Bhaji

DAY 17

Cholay & Chappati

DAY 18

Chicken Chaat

– Creamy Date Shake

DAY 19

Black Dal & Chappati

DAY 20

Gajar Ka Halwa with Ice Cream

DAY 21

Oven Roasted Lamb Chops

DAY 22

Chicken Tikka Masala Tacos – Banana Lassi

DAY 23

Peshawari Chapli Kabab

DAY 24

Chicken Jalfrezi

DAY 25

Cheesy Jalapeño Burgers –

Pomegranate & Date Smoothie

DAY 26

Puri Kebab –

Watermelon Milk Shake


DAY 27

Channa ke Dal with Naan

DAY 28

Chicken/Lamb Biryani

DAY 29

Honey Almond Milk –

Samosa Chat


DAY 30



So, for your next big shop head to your nearest Asda for some great offers and the best range of products this Ramadan.


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