Life Prison Term for Drug Addict


Threw Pal From Tower Block Balcony

A drug addict threw a friend to his death from an eighth-floor balcony after a bloody row in which he bludgeoned him with a brass ornament.

Younis Masih was high on drink and Class A drugs when he attacked pal Edwin Mazorodze in his Coventry tower block flat – hitting him with such force that the metal statuette snapped in half – before pushing him over railings running along an external walkway.

Passers-by spotted Mr Mazorodze’s body crumpled on the disabled access ramp to Paradise House, in Eden Street, just before 11.30pm on December 4 last year.

Minutes later Masih emerged from the entrance carrying his blood-stained clothes in a bag – having already washed down a communal corridor in a bid to remove blood evidence – and strolled past paramedics as they tried desperately to save the 31-year-old.

Police found Masih’s bloodied trainers dumped in a wheelie bin, whilst subsequent searches of his mother’s address uncovered more clothing hidden in a bag which forensics experts proved were dotted with his victim’s blood.

The 40-year-old claimed the fall was an accident and that Mr Mazorodze – who he suggested had “psyched out” on drugs – slipped whilst trying to access his window by standing on the communal walkway handrail.

However, a jury at Warwick Crown Court dismissed the suggestion and found Masih guilty of murder; he was jailed for life and will spend at least 15 years behind bars.

Investigating officer, Detective Inspector Harry Harrison, said: “Masih claimed the fall was accidental…but he didn’t dial 999, made efforts to wash away blood from his flat entrance, and then walked past his dying friend without even enquiring about his condition.

“The pair were seen walking to Paradise House that evening but, once inside, a row erupted that ended with Masih launching a ferocious attack; pathologists proved Mr Mazorodze was already very seriously hurt, and had lost a lot of blood, before falling from the eighth floor.

“We very quickly identified Masih as a suspect, arrested him inside 24 hours and recovered vital evidence he’d attempted to dispose of.”

A neighbour described seeing a shirt-less, bleeding Mr Mazorodze being dragged by his ankles along the balcony shortly before his fatal fall, whilst CCTV showed Masih trying to bundle him into a lift in Paradise House.

Minutes later the same neighbour’s girlfriend saw him plunge head first past their kitchen window, clipping the ledge as he hurtled to the ground.

Attending officers found blood on the door to Flat 44, the hallway, internal stairs, carpet, bed and TV, plus blood-soaked towels and a broken brass ornament and 2.3kg barbell that were both blood stained.

A post mortem examination concluded Mr Mazorodze, from Stoney Stanton Road in Coventry, died as a result of falling from height but noted several head injuries likely to have been inflicted earlier with a blunt object.

Masih changed into clean clothes and left his flat at 11.27pm carrying a bag later found stashed in his mother’s lounge, whilst his blood-stained trainers were found by police in a wheelie bin in nearby Eld Road.

He was arrested by police just before 10.30pm the day after the killing walking towards Coventry police station.

The court heard how both men were “in the habit of taking Class A drugs” – but prosecutors dismissed suggestions that could have led Mr Mazorodze to try scaling the tower wall as the feat’s “danger and impossibility” would have been clear even to someone high on drugs.

A statement issued on behalf of the victim’s family read: “The family are very grateful justice has been served and would like to thank the police and prosecution team. Edwin’s parents travelled over from Zimbabwe for the trial and the whole family has attended every day of the court case; it has been distressing to hear what happened to Eddie.

“Eddie was a larger than life character who brought laughter to all family occasions; the emotional and physical impact Eddie’s death has brought us has been catastrophic…he will be greatly missed by all his family.”


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