Bollywood Goes Mr Bean with Total Siyapaa


Mr Bean lookalike has been selected for a role

A Mr Bean lookalike has been selected for a role in a Bollywood film after being spotted on YouTube. Steve Keefe, a former mortgage broker from Solihull, who has two daughters, is making his debut in the world of Bollywood with the film Total Siyapaa, after being spotted impersonating the mischievous character – made famous for his madcap antics by English actor Rowan Atkinson – by the UK producer of the film Roopinder S Sood.

The 49 yearold, who completed shooting scenes as the character of ‘Mr Percy’ in Total Siyapaa, cannot wait to see the film when it premieres on the 7th of March 2014. Speaking on this, Keefe said I’m hoping to go to the premiere, and take my two daughters along too.’

Total Siyapaa, which translates into ‘Total Chaos’  was shot entirely in London at most of the major tourist attractions, such as Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Albert Bridge and Wimbledon, which took less than a month to film. Mr Keefe’s scenes took six days to complete.  

Mr Keefe, who has been in the look-a-like industry for some time, never expected he would be chosen to play a role in a Bollywood movie: I couldn’t believe it when I got the call, and only started to get excited when I was contracted to the role. I love playing the character and he is loved across the globe, this reflects in the fact that I have been requested to take part in this film.’

Total Siyapaa, the ‘urbanist rom-com’  is a story of taboo love between a Pakistani boy and an Indian girl. Featuring Yami Gautam and Ali Zafar, it is set to be the biggest cross-over film of the year, directed by Eshvar Nivas and written by critically acclaimed producer Neeraj Pandey.

Total Siyapaa is set to tickle the comical senses of global audiences when it releases on 7th March 2014. The film will not only be a cultural bridge but will also break down the common misconceptions between India and Pakistan, whilst helping you to deal with that most formidable of adversary – the future mother-in-law!

Total Siyapaa is produced by Reliance Entertainment, Friday Filmworks and AKA Films and releases on Friday 7th March 2014 through Reliance Entertainment worldwide.


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