Anwar Gears up for Comeback Fight


Boxer Talks to The Asian Today

After suffering a heartbreaking loss and ultimately losing out on the British Title, Boxer Adil Anwar returns to the ring to claim what should have been his. He spoke to The Asian Today.



  1. You lost two straight matches in a row; how have you motivated yourself for your next match?
The losses have made me more motivated than ever to prove my boxing ability. The hunger and passion that I had when I first started boxing is back and I have the unwavering support of so many people for which I’m very grateful and I want to do them proud.


  1. You had a serious accident which left you unable to box for 18 months. How was your recovery?
The accident and the injuries I got from it were another setback, and it was a very difficult time for me. Waiting for my body to heal, the uncertainty of whether the accident had made a big impact on my boxing ability, and then getting back into training was frustrating and worrying, but I recovered and got back on track through sheer determination.


  1. How did it affect your recovery and comeback?
Recovery was difficult as I was told that I couldn’t fight anymore, and this was extremely disheartening, but I was determined, and I threw myself into training, I remember working so hard, but that’s what made full recovery and my come back possible.


  1. How did it feel knowing you were so close to getting the British title?
Well it had been the goal for a while, and to have been so close and not quite get there was a massive disappointment. My team and I are aware of my talent and ability, so I’m confident I’ll get there again and win. 


  1.  How has turning professional changed your life?
There’s a lot more responsibility involved in turning professional, and it’s more difficult than I thought it would be. You have to centre everything around training and your entire focus is on boxing at all times. However it’s all worth it, I get to do what I love. 


  1. Who has been your boxing inspiration?
Muhammad Ali, because of everything he has achieved in and out of the ring. I admire his strength of character.


  1. In your professional life who is your role model?
I’m not sure about role model, but there’s definitely people I look up to a lot, one being Mark Bateson, my trainer. He’s put a lot of time in to me and he’s very dedicated. 


  1. What is the ultimate dream? 
The ultimate dream is to win as many titles as possible become a world champion, prove myself as a great fighter and make all the people involved in my journey proud.


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