Harley Street Fertility Clinic Appeals to South Asian Community

Dr Venkat Director of the Harley Street Fertility Clinic is appealing to young Asian women to help Asian couples achieve their dream of having a family. Infertility is a condition that is still widely stigmatised within Asian communities. Despite being a cultural taboo, it is estimated that 2 out of 14 Asian couples experience infertility issues.

The problem is so extreme that over a third of couples on waiting lists for donor eggs are Asian, all of which are hoping for matching eggs that currently don’t necessarily exist.  Out of desperation to seek this treatment many couples travel abroad to countries such as India every year to receive eggs, often in practices that are unregulated. This in consequence can have some devastating results. Others are forced to take matters into their own hands appealing for donors via online forums which leaves people vulnerable to scams.

Harley Street Fertility Clinic is keen to combat the misconceptions surrounding egg donation in the British Asian community and as such are launching an insightful film regarding this process which can be found at

Dr Venkat comments “It is a huge psychological shock for a women to be told that she cannot produce eggs anymore. The egg donor is a large part of the therapy process – offering a stranger the amazing gift of a family is very kind and brave act. Donating eggs can be a little time consuming, but it will not damage you’re ovaries or affect your fertility. It is a very simple process and is all done in complete confidence”.

In 2012 Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) changed the guidance for compensating egg donors to state that they can be compensated a lump sum payment of £750 per donation, which has helped to increase the number of women donating their eggs in the UK.  In spite of this, there is still a huge shortage of Asian egg donors in the UK.

The Harley Street Fertility Clinic ensures that all of their egg donors discuss the process with a consultant and a registered fertility counsellor so that donors fully understand the implications of becoming an egg donor.

The Clinic requires that all donors are: 

  • young women between the ages of 18-35
  • a non-smoker as smoking can damage you’re eggs
  • no history of genetic conditions.

It is preferable that donors have had a previous pregnancy but not a requirement. So if you would like to help bring joy in the New Year to others experiencing the heartbreak of infertility please contact the clinic at  or call 020 7436 6838.


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