Leicester GP fronts Lung Cancer campaign


Government Campaign aimed at helping people recognise symptoms

A NEW campaign highlighting the early signs of Lung Cancer is being supported by a Leicester GP.

Dr Pawan Randev, a GP at Measham Medical Unit, is part of the campaign being rolled out across the Midlands this month.

Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in England and The Department of Health’s new Be Clear On Cancer campaign is aimed at helping people recognise the symptoms of lung cancer.

Dr Randev said it was imperative people knew of the signs and visited their doctor straightaway.

“Many people believe if you have lung cancer it’s the end,” Dr Randev said.

“In my experience it doesn’t have to be this way. Lung cancer can be treated and you can have a good quality of life afterwards.  But going to your doctors as soon as you have any of the symptoms is absolutely critical; if you have a persistent cough that lasts over three weeks then see your GP.  Early diagnosis means you have a better chance of survival and often means the cancer won’t have spread.

“It’s hugely important for people to be aware of the symptoms of lung cancer so that if they experience these symptoms they can try to get an early diagnosis,” Dr Randev adds.

“I have seen patients that have left worrying symptoms for months and when they visit me it’s too late.  Then I have lots of stories of people, both my patients and other people that have suffered lung cancer,  that come at the first sign of a problem and they go on to have surgery and survive.

“It’s very straightforward for your GP to examine you and determine whether to send you for a chest X-ray.  The process is simple and if your GP suspects it might be cancer you will see a specialist within two weeks and they would then arrange for further tests and, if necessary, treatment. You will either get reassurance that it isn’t lung cancer or you will find out it is and have a better chance of survival. 

“Go with your instincts, if you are worried then see your GP.”

The Be Clear on Cancer lung cancer campaign will pilot across the Midlands for five weeks from 10 October – 13 November, leading into National Lung Cancer Awareness month in November.

Jeremy Bacon, Support and Development Manager, British Lung Foundation Midlands, said: “Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world and claims over 28,000 lives in England each year. Many lives could be saved if people were aware of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer as finding it early improves the chances of successful treatment. We believe that this campaign will play a key role in saving lives by encouraging people to see their GP if they experience any symptoms of lung cancer.”


For further information on lung cancer visit  www. nhs.uk/lungcancer


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