Muslim Women develop a pioneering initiative in Bradford


‘Daughters of Eve’ event to debate role of Muslim women in UK

HUNDREDS of Muslim women from across the country are expected to attend an event this weekend discussing the role of Muslim women, past, present and future.

TheDaughters of Eve event jointly organised by the Bradford Muslim Women’s Council (BMWC) and the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) aims to bring together Muslim Women to share their knowledge and debate critical issues affecting Muslim women across the UK. Organisers say the event is the first of its kind to be held in Bradford.

The two-day event will feature a host of guest speakers, panel discussions, creative performances from local theatre company, Arakan Creative and the internationally acclaimed Lebanese music composer and opera singer, Hiba Al Kawas.

Bana Gora, Chair of BMWC said: Muslims are the second largest faith-based community in the UK . In the current environment where the Muslim community is facing numerous challenges, we have a vision of a society where Muslim women have a strong and effective voice. Our aim is to listen and intelligently formulate ideas through meaningful open and respectful dialogue.”

Wahida Shaffi, Director of BMWC added: “As we enter the second decade of the 21st century while Muslim women have achieved positions of influence, there is still a considerable way to go in recognising the importance of Muslim women within British society. The establishment of the BMWC is a pioneering Bradford initiative that seeks to create an inclusive basis for strengthening the voice and influence of Muslim women across the UK.”

The event will be held at Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Bingley.


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