IVF couple hit out at ‘untrue’ reports

‘We never rejected our girls’, say couple

THE FAMILY of a Midlands couple who were accused in a newspaper story of dumping their newborn twin girls at a Birmingham hospital because they were not boys have hit out at the claims.

The front page story in the Sun newspaper yesterday claimed the couple, from Birmingham, abandoned the girls at Wolverhampton’s New cross Hospital because they were the “wrong sex”.

But the couple’s older son hit out at the story, which was widely published yesterday.

He told The Birmingham Mail reports that his parents rejected to twin girls was “simply not true”.

“The claims are not true and are lies,” he said.

“They feel so happy to have both girls and have been seeing the babies since they were born.”

Yesterday’s newspaper claimed the mother, in her 50s, and father, in his late 60s, went to India for IVF treatment.

They returned to the Midlands where the twin girls were born at Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital.

An unnamed hospital worker in Wolverhampton claimed the mother discharged herself against doctor’s advice and did not visit the twin girls when they were transferred to a Birmingham hospital which was closer to the couple’s home.

The claim was slammed by the couple’s son.

“My mother had to give birth over in Wolverhampton because there was no space in the maternity wards here,” the couple’s son told The Birmingham Mail.

“She had severe sciatica causing pain to her back afterwards and was in hospital with the twins for days, but it became easier for them to be moved over to a hospital nearer where we live.

“The twins would be home with us already, but they are a little underweight, although healthy. My parents have been visiting them constantly and want them to come home.

“My mother is still ill and all this is extremely upsetting for her.”

NHS West Midland health authority and officials at both hospitals said the couple do visit their daughters, while Birmingham Social Services said they had no reports of the couple abandoning the newborn girls.



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