Haroon on a high for K2 challenge

COVENTRY student Haroon Mota is aiming for the biggest ‘high’ if his life later this year when he bids to scale the K2 Mountain in aid of orphaned children.

Daredevil Haroon will take part in the Islamic Relief K2 Challenge in August and is appealing for Asian Today readers to back his cause as he bids to raise £10,000 for orphaned children.

“I am very fortunate to have a mother and father who have raised me and got me where I am, but in countries where war and poverty are part of everyday life, there are millions of children without any parents, without and supports and are struggling for survival and I can bring a smile back to their faces then it will be a great achievement”, Haroon told The Asian Today.

Haroon is undergoing a strict training regime to help prepare him for the challenge that lies ahead.

He will endure a strenuous expedition consisting of a 2 week trek to the basecamp of K2 reaching an altitude of 18,000 feet.

Haroon is already half way to reaching his total thanks to the efforts of his cousin and Coventry businessman Riz Navsarka who thought of an ingenious way to help Haroon reach his fundraising summit.

Riz, director of the cosmetic coloured contact lens company MesmerEyez, originally donated £500 to Haroon for the challenge.

And In an attempt to push the figure closer to the £10,000 mark, Riz has now created an ‘I love MesmerEyez’ group on Facebook where he will donate 5p for every person who joins the group.

“I believe no mountain is high enough. When I set myself a goal, I achieve It”, Riz said.

“It is that positive, enthusiastic mind set coupled with my determination to keep grounded and keep close to my roots that has got me where I am. It is that same mind set that will allow Haroon to get the top of K2; I support his cause 100%”.

To support Haroon you can log onto his fundraising page at http://www.justgiving.com/k2orphans



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