The New Face of Matchmaking

City high-flyer turns cupid with launch of new matchmaking agency for London’s South Asian singles

Aneeka Patel-Project 143 Founder

It’s a familiar picture for single, high-flying Londoners: demanding job, packed social calendar and limitless choice at their fingertips. But there’s often one thing missing – someone to share it all with. And those that tend to struggle even more are the capital’s South Asian community. However, all that could be set to change now, thanks to the launch of Project 143, a new matchmaking agency and brainchild of 30 year-old London legal professional, Aneeka Patel.

Founded in 2016, Project 143 is a matchmaking and introductions agency for South Asian professionals in London between the ages of 28 and 45. The company prides itself on offering its clients a personal involvement in the selection of suitable candidates and works with a network of carefully handpicked and approved members, all of whom are personally interviewed by certified Matchmaker, Aneeka.

According to the 2014 Population Report from the Office of National Statistics, based only on a household survey from the Labour Force Survey, an estimated 641,000 South Asians reside in London, with 189,000 located in Inner London. Meeting the needs of this rapidly growing community who would like to enjoy a more progressive way of meeting like-minded individuals for a potential lasting relationship, was the key challenge for Aneeka.  As she explains, “I have been bought up in a culture where getting married and having a family is almost drilled into you from a young age. And yes, it can make certain people feel complete. But my western upbringing takes it much further. It’s about the union rather than the standard partner credentials around which our parents and grandparents would have focused. With this in mind, I wanted to give a contemporary, progressive edge to the traditional way in which professional Southern Asians might meet like-minded individuals and potential partners. It’s designed to give people the best of both worlds.”

Project 143 plans to give members access to the profiles of some of the most suitable, personally selected and reviewed individuals in London between the ages of 28 and 45.

All members are personally screened and interviewed by Aneeka, so that all the individuals’ details that are featured on the site are accurate in order to ensure both the authenticity information provided, and above all to ultimately protect the safety of members during their dating experience.

As Aneeka explains, “After dating for more than 10 years I began to want something more serious. I have used online dating sites and apps myself, but with very little success. It was time consuming and frustrating trawling through profiles. The problem is that there’s no genuine human involvement and you are relying on scientific algorithms to match you! I wanted to create a service where the suitability of a like-minded person could be assessed by an individual, not by a machine. This was the feedback I received from friends and family members who felt they still wanted to have some of the principles of how dating had been conducted in the past only with a more contemporary, modern twist. I hope that Project143 will tick those boxes.”

Professional Health & Lifestyle Support

Project 143 plans to expand its matchmaking services to other cities across the UK later in 2016 in order to meet the needs of other single South Asian communities across the country.

In addition, Project 143 gives new members access to one-to-one sessions with certified health and lifestyle coach, Chiedu Hing. As Aneeka explains, “The value of giving our members access to an expert like Chiedu is that one of the key issues she addresses are the emotional barriers felt by clients and which could be withholding them from moving forward in a positive, confident and engaging way with potential new partners.”

Chiedu adds, “As a health and lifestyle consultant, I will work with clients to build their emotional resilience and well-being from both a physical and mental perspective. When both these are in sync, clients are better positioned to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling matchmaking experience, which ultimately results in their finding that special someone.”

Project 143 plans to expand its matchmaking services to other cities across the UK later in 2016 in order to meet the needs of other single South Asian communities across the country.

Project 143 guarantees its members a minimum of eight matches in a six-month period. The company also offers members one-to-one sessions with a qualified health and lifestyle consultant to support them on their matchmaking experience as well as providing members with ongoing advice and support. For more information, visit


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