Clean Air Zone road signs proclaiming ‘Charges apply Pay online’ which have been fitted across Birmingham city centre have not gone live.

Drivers, including those new to the city, might think they could be charged immediately for driving in certain areas.

Motoring organisations AA and RAC have both called for Birmingham City Council to either add stickers or put up additional signs to make it clear to motorists they were not in danger of being charged for crossing the middle ring road.

Due to technological hold-ups has delayed the process until at least July.

Once the zone is active, all cars, vans, buses and lorries entering the designated zone will have to pay a daily fee if their vehicle does not meet strict anti-pollution measures.

The zone covers areas inside the A4540 Middleway ring road, including the city centre, Jewellery Quarter, Hockley, Digbeth, Highgate and Ladywood.

The scheme is to reduce air pollution around the city.

Owners of older cars will be faced with an £8 a day charge to drive inside the Clean Air Zone. The fee will be £50 for lorries and buses unless their vehicle meets certain standards, depending on fuel type

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: “As part of our preparations for the introduction of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone, signage is being installed across the zone boundaries to notify people of the coming changes.

“The Clean Air Zone will officially launch in summer 2020, so the installation of these signs at this stage is simply a preparatory measure and does not mean that the Clean Air Zone is in effect now.”



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