A West Yorkshire man has been fined by East Midlands Airport petrol station for collecting his friend after he bought cigarettes from the shop.

Tajdar Kamal, received a £100 fine which can be reduced to £60 if paid within a certain time, wants the petrol station to be shut down as he labels it a ‘money-making scheme’.

Mr Kamal’s friend who was returning from Barcelona rang him and asked to meet him at the petrol station because he wanted to buy some cigarettes.

The 30-year-old pizza shop worker told DerbyshireLive: “I think it is really bad.

“£100 is too much money especially for people like me on a low income. I know it gets reduced to £60 if you pay within certain time but that is still a lot of money.

“I think it is being used as a money-making scheme. I think they should close the petrol station.

“I’ve come forward because I feel sorry for those that have got done.

“A petrol station is for stopping at and buying petrol and other items.”

East Midlands Airport says picking up or dropping off people at The Fuel Station, located just yards away from the airport’s arrivals exit, is strongly prohibited and several signs stating this have been up since June.

But Mr Kamal, from Normanton said he saw no signs on arrival to the petrol station and parked next to the fuel bays for a few minutes as he waited for his friend to come back from the shop.

Days later he received a letter from Vehicle Control Services Limited.

Father-of-two Mr Kamal said just days ago another friend of his wanted to be picked up from but he refused because he felt so angry about the way he had been treated.

As policy East Midlands Airport does not comment on individual cases but stressed picking up or dropping off friends and family must use the car parks provided.

A spokesman said: “All drivers dropping off and collecting passengers at EMA should use the designated car parks and drop-off facilities.

“One hour’s free parking can be had in Long Stay 2, which is ideal for drivers who have to wait longer for their passengers, ten minutes parking in rapid drop off costs £3, while 30 minutes in short stay 1 car park is £4.”


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