Their story

Khuraaki is the UK’s first Halal recipe box company. ‘Khuraak’ is a word that derives from the Urdu language meaning ‘nutrition’ and can also be used to describe a portion or fixed amount of subsistence for a source of nourishment.

After searching the market up and down to find a recipe box that fits with their daily lifestyles, unfortunately, none were providing the halal option. After connecting with a number of professionals who stated they only eat halal and showed their frustration for lack of, this inspired the making of Khuraaki.

Being the UK’s first Halal recipe box company that is unique and one of its kind they ensure the simplicity and heartiness of fresh home cooked meals are maintained. Khuraaki boxes come with pre-portioned ingredients, therefore meaning a zero food waste goal and a positive impact on the environment. Also  their meat and poultry is sourced through HMC certified suppliers.

 A variety of tasty recipes

Their Nutritionist and Chefs create new recipes every week with buckets of flavour that take just 30-45 minutes. Whether you want recipes from around the world or just classics with a twist, you can choose your favourites. They offer 20 recipes to choose from on a weekly basis, from over 15 cuisines giving their customers variety of options and allowing them to decide how many meals they’d like for however many people.

Khuraaki allow you to be in control of your own box from meat eaters to vegans, families to couples and even those with low calorie diets. Their portions are from £3 per person and the more meals or people you order for the cheaper it gets. This Halal recipe box company is transparent about where all their ethically sourced ingredients are obtained from, leaving customers confident In the quality of the ingredients.

Khuraaki is a commitment free recipe box, you can skip, pause or cancel at any time, giving customers full control, so you are not tied into an ongoing subscription. For the upcoming month of Ramadan, Khuraaki are offering 30% off your first recipe box and then 25% off for the remaining weeks of Ramadan.

A recipe box that fits your lifestyle

Khuraaki believes that home cooking has the power to bring positive changes in a family, within a community and ultimately the world on the whole. The founders focus to bring the importance of health, happiness and the joy of eating fresh food together.

All recipes require minimal effort and easy to follow step by step instructions.So say goodbye to wasting time and hello to knowing that you’ve got everything you need at home, ready to cook a delicious meal in no time. Khuraaki also take a stand in aiming to use 100% recyclable packaging. They know this isn’t always possible, but are committed to reducing non-recyclable packaging.


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