A Nottingham entrepreneur has launched a mobile app which helps motorists find and track breakdown assistance without paying for a membership.

The app ResQ allows users to select a number of roadside services including recovery, wrong fuel assistance, fuel delivery and mobile mechanics.

Businessman Shaz Rahman, from Nottingham, is the brainchild of this idea who says the app detects your location and then individual organisations can provide the user with quotes. The user then picks a quote and can track the agent.

Mr Rahman, who also owns Performance Detail Centre, a vehicle valeting and detailing service, said: “People like to use things like Uber so I thought we could use that idea for on-demand breakdown assistance.

“I researched it for about a year and a half and found there is no app like it on the market. It was quite a lot of work getting agents signed up because it is a brand new concept.

“With this app you can track your assistance as well, exactly like Uber, so you don’t have to worry about calling them all the time to find out where they are. I took into consideration a lot of what people wanted from this service.”

Mr Rahman was inspired to launch the pay as you go-style app after his own car broke down in 2017 and having breakdown cover, he still had to wait four or five hours for assistance.

Mr Rahman added: “My platform is built around reliability and speed. A lot of people don’t want to pay for a membership so why shouldn’t there be pay as you go breakdown cover?

“The first thing you do when you breakdown is stress – this is a stress-free way of getting assistance. It’s fast, efficient and reliable breakdown cover.”



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