International Humanitarian charity, Penny Appeal, are announcing a film tour, starting with the London showing of One Day in the Haram on September 7th. A documentary by critically acclaimed British Muslim filmmaker, writer, producer and director, Abrar Hussain, the film tells the extraordinary story of the Haram in Mecca (Makkah), and will be shown in 23 cities around the UK.

This ground-breaking documentary tells the story of the Haram through the eyes of the people working in Mecca and addresses the motivations of their faith, as well as the logistics of providing a service catering to the needs of the millions of pilgrims visiting each and every year.

For the first time ever, this documentary offers viewers unrestricted access to the inner workings of this most holy site, previously shrouded in mystery. The documentary was shot at 4k resolution using a variety of ground-based, helicopter, and drone video recordings to provide a beautiful and highly detailed viewing experience.

The Haram, which is situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and surrounds the Islamic Qinah, is also known as the Masjid-al-haram. It is a place so revered by the Islamic world that non-Muslims are forbidden to enter. At present, the Haram hosts over five million people each year, especially during the time of the Hajj, a requirement of one of the five pillars of Islam, whereby all able-bodied Muslims must travel to the holy city.

The documentary also discusses the Islamic rituals in great detail, while giving a rich history of the Haram, explaining the inner workings, beliefs, and traditions surrounding this most revered site, in a way that is enticing to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Director Hussain says he wants to “show how successfully the mosque is run, how organized its departments are, and how seriously its workers take their jobs.”

Tickets available by calling 03000 11 11 11 or visit  Prices starts from just £5, screenings will run from the 7th till the 29th September, up and down the country from Cardiff to Edinburgh, including matinee performances in certain cities.


For further information, please call Pedro on 07831 556 951 or e mail


    Friday 07/09/2018 1 London Evening Porchester Hall
    Saturday 08/09/2018 2 East London Matinee Stoke Newington Town Hall
    Saturday 08/09/2018 3 East London Evening Stoke Newington Town Hall
    Sunday 09/09/2018 4 Wembley Evening Oakington Manor Hall
    Monday 10/09/2018 5 Luton Evening Luton Library Theatre
    Tuesday 11/09/2018 6 Reading Evening Shehnai Olympia Ballroom
    Wednesday 12/09/2018 7 Cardiff Evening The Angel Hotel
    Thursday 13/09/2018 8 Coventry Evening Royale Mint
    Friday 14/09/2018 9 Walsall Evening Walsall Football Club
    Saturday 15/09/2018 10 Leicester Matinee Sapphire Suite
    Saturday 15/09/2018 11 Leicester Evening Sapphire Suite
    Sunday 16/09/2018 12 Birmingham Matinee Crown Banqueting
    Sunday 16/09/2018 13 Birmingham Evening Crown Banqueting
    Monday 17/09/2018 14 Peterborough Evening The Cresset Theatre
    Tuesday 18/09/2018 15 Nottingham Evening Albert Hall
    Wednesday 19/09/2018 16 Sheffield Evening Magna
    Thursday 20/09/2018 17 Batley Evening IMWS
    Friday 21/09/2018 19 Manchester Evening Vermillion
    Saturday 22/09/2018 20 Bradford Matinee The Regency Hall
    Saturday 22/09/2018 21 Bradford Evening The Regency Hall
    Sunday 23/09/2018 22 Blackburn Evening King Georges Hall
    Monday 24/09/2018 23 Bolton Evening Cineworld Bolton
    Tuesday 25/09/2018 24 Oldham Evening Eastern Pavillion
    Wednesday 26/09/2018 25 Middlesbrough Evening Middlesbrough Theatre
    Thursday 27/09/2018 26 Aberdeen Evening Cineworld Aberdeen Union Square
    Friday 28/09/2018 27 Glasgow Evening Mitchell Theatre
    Saturday 29/09/2018 28 Edinburgh Evening Roxy Assembly


Notes to Editors:

  • Penny Appeal are hosting viewings of the film from the 7th of September till the 29th September in various parts of the country, including London, Sheffield, Nottingham, and Edinburgh.


  • For more information on which cities One Day In Haram will be showing in, or to buy tickets online then please visit


  • This exciting new documentary was written and directed by Abrar Hussain, a British film producer, who found fame in the film making world as a series producer at Islam Channel, producing returning TV shows such as Model Mosque (2007) and Faith Off (2008).


  • Penny Appeal is an award winning international humanitarian charity, set up in 2009 by Wakefield entrepreneur Adeem Younis, and provides a wide range of life-saving solutions to over 30 crisis-hit countries, as well as providing aid throughout the UK.


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