Citizen Khan star Adil Ray communicated with the police after a protruding Birmingham food blogger said: “Let’s hang, draw and quarter him outside the Bullring.”


The actor and broadcaster, from Yardley Wood, rejected suggestions the comment, posted on the @MeatOneVegBlog Twitter account, was a “light-hearted gag” and said it was “just nasty”.

Ray, currently starring in Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge drama, tweeted West Midlands Police , a second force account and Twitter officials to ask: “Can we report this?”

He was responding to a tweet from @MeatOneVegBlog which said: “I’m hugely against the death penalty until I remember that the man who writes Citizen Khan gets paid via my TV licence direct debit.

“Bring it back. Let’s hang, draw and quarter him outside the Bullring.”

An apology was displayed on the @MeatOneVegBlog account saying: “Apologies if anyone found my earlier tweet offensive.

“It was a joke and meant completely in jest.”

“I realised that it was in poor taste and removed it.

“I apologise for that tweet.

“If anyone is offended, or felt in any way genuinely threatened by that joke, then I apologise for that too.

“To be clear, I do not want people to hang, draw and quarter anyone outside of the Bullring.”

After the tweet was deleted, Ray messaged Twitter and police to ask: “Can we report this?

“I don’t fancy being hung in my city.

“Oh and this isn’t a light-hearted gag, it’s just nasty.”

In a second tweet, he said: “Here’s a photo as now deleted.

“Please let me know what action I can take please.”

West Midlands Police responded to Ray via a direct message on Twitter.

Last month, Ray, 44, revealed plans for a film spin-off of his BBC sitcom , which is set in Birmingham.


He said he wanted to take the well-liked character to the United States for a meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Ray said the full publication would be made “very soon”.


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