Four people have died in a car crash through a police pursuit in Bradford. A BMW containing four males was being trailed by officers on Bingley Road before it crashed at the junction with Toller Lane.

The road was closed and is likely to remain sealed off for most of Thursday. Evidence is being gathered at the scene.

The crash has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The IOPC established an unmarked West Yorkshire Police car was following the BMW.

Miranda Biddle, IOPC regional director, said: “This is a most tragic incident and our sympathies are with the family and friends of those who have died.

“Our investigators are attending post incident procedures, have travelled to the scene and have begun gathering evidence.”

She added that an independent investigation was opened at 06:24.

A resident who lives close to the scene reported being woken up by a “really loud bang”.

Roger Wood, 67, said: “It wasn’t until I woke up properly later in the morning that I found out what had happened when one of my neighbours said they’d seen on the news that people had died.

“It’s horrendous.”

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, said that she had major concerns about road safety in the area.

She said: “I was horrified when I first heard about it, but I wasn’t surprised when I heard that it was Toller Lane where it had happened.

“It’s known for being a bit of a speed-trap and there have been accidents down there in the past.”


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