A broad daylight attack on Soho Road of a man being viciously beaten by a group of men at a busy road junction in Handsworth took place on Thursday 5 April.

Captured by an onlooker, the victim is violently tossed to the ground and into a pedestrian bollard at the junction of Soho Road and Nineveh Road.

The victim was attacked by four men.

One of the attackers runs up and brutally kicks the man as he bends over to pick something off from the road, outside JP Emporium.

Car horns can be heard in the background as the brawl spills out into Soho Road – blocking oncoming vehicles – as more blows are landed.

One point one attacker hits the victim so hard that he drops various items all over the busy road.

Vehicles try and drive around the brawl, as stunned locals look on.

It is unclear what was the motive for the incident.


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