Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight wants the huge studio with six sound stages, to be built and in use in the next two years.

The Brummie writer and founder of the hugely successful TV drama, peaky blinder has revealed more information about the studio that he wishes to build in the Est Midlands.

This is such a huge endorsement for the region, with so much creativity available in the West Midlands, Steven Knight is calling on Channel 4 to join him by bring their Head Quarters to the West Midlands.

Mr Knight has also revealed that he is in deep discussions with West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street to make sure this project comes to fruition.

It has yet not been confirmed the location of the studio, but rumours are that it will be near the NEC.

Mr Knight added: “The studio is more on the agenda than ever. We are going to make this happen.

“Andy Street is behind it, and is a real dynamo for change in the West Midlands.

“It has taken a lot of time because these things do but what we are talking about is a studio with 27 acres and six sound stages for the film industry and related industries. It would be game changing.

“The BBC are involved now, and Imaginarium, on of the best special effects companies around, I’d hope to bring Channel 4 into the perimeter too.

“If Channel 4 were to miss out on this, I think they would regret it.”

Speaking to Birmingham Live Mr Knight said: “We have been meeting monthly for years now, getting on with it without any fanfare.

“We hope within two years we will be open for business.”


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