The high street retailer H&M is back in deep waters as it has withdrawn children’s socks from its sales after customers have complained the pattern resembles the Arabic spelling of ‘Allah’ written upside down.

They H&M socks shows a Lego workman figure holding a jackhammer

A spokesperson for H&M said: “At H&M we always aim to offer products that we believe our customers will appreciate.

“The print on this sock represents a Lego figurine, any other meaning is entirely coincidental and we apologise if this motif has offended anyone.”

It was only earlier this month, a children’s hoodie bearing the slogan ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’ was modelled by a young black boy on their website.

The decision behind the photo was labelled as ‘racist’ and ‘disgusting’ and the hoodie was subsequently pulled from stores.


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