A gang of four men all from Alum Rock have been caught out for false insurance claims.

Daud Khan, 20 roped his brother Sardar, 25 and two other accomplices as he used bogus details to set up policies and submitted fake personal injury claims

Daud has been jailed for orchestrating deliberate “cash for crash” road collision in a bid to sting insurance companies and drivers.

They were rumbled when insurers grew suspicious over the nature of the injuries.

Daud Khan of Cotterills Lane was jailed for two years and banned from driving for 18 months

His brother also of Cotterills Lane was handed a Six month suspended sentence and a third conspirator Shamus Fazil 20 off Woodlands Road was jailed for a year.

All Three pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

The fourth defendant Niaz Hassan 23 of Farndon Road has admitted to one count of the same offence and was also handed a Six month suspended sentence.

Daud used national insurance number and copies of driving licences belonging to the other members of the group to put through fake personal injury claims on their behalf.

Fake date of births and false address were used to bring the price of insurance down and Daud used his brothers’ bank details to pay for the policy.

Daud was also staging up car accidents and a CCTV footage which took place in November 2015 clearly shows a collision that was set up.

Niaz revealed how Daud would ask them to go for a medical inspection if requested and claim they had injured their necks and shoulders in the crash.

Det Con Daryl Fryatt who was in charge of the investigation said “ Daud Khan was instrumental in arranging and participating in these cases of the crash for cash.

“He orchestrated them from start to finish, and using his brother Fazil and Niaz as accomplices.”


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