Desee Dating App aspires to bring together South Asians living around the world to connect and meet with like-minded people that share a common yet diverse cultural and traditional background.

Never before have our lives been so dependent on technology in every aspect of our daily routine, be it for shopping, work or interacting with family and friends.

The stigma once associated with online matchmaking is fast disappearing as smartphones have brought online dating into the hands of thousands of Millennials through popular new apps.

With the emergence of global brands such Tinder, Badoo, okCupid, Happn and Bumble, dating apps have become to be accepted as a normal way of connecting with new people around us.

However, these apps don’t fully cater to specific needs of British Asians who are modern, well educated, open-minded and proud of their origins and cultural background.

The pain of going through mainstream dating apps to find matches who look similar to yourself in appearance and then hoping that they are also of similar cultural or religious background has discouraged many British Asians to get on with the trend of finding love through such apps.

The idea of Desee was inspired by the need for a global dating app specifically catering for people all over the world with South Asian origins. The unique profile descriptions such as religion, diet, consumption of alcohol, Zodiac signs and many others offer users an opportunity to match with people of common interest and relationship goals.

It was very clear at the outset of developing Desee that features which ensure privacy were essential for the app to be successful. Hence, all signups to the app are through Facebook Connect which minimise instances of fake profiles. As soon as you sign up to Desee, you are prompted if you would like not to be matched with your friends from Facebook. While using the app you can make yourself invisible to any user who you don’t want to be seen by. Also, the photos you send on chats disappear after 5 minutes of being clicked on.

Desee is a free app that is available on both Itunes and Google app stores. That means you can sign up, create your account, swipe profiles, get matched, chat to your matches and actually go on a date without paying for any of the extra features. Extra features, of course, enhance your experience by benefits such as the ability to change locations, attach photos on chats, chat with your unmatched profiles for an additional 12 hours, retrace back 5 swipes, activate unlimited swipes and many others.

Desee charges for its paid features in a unique way compared to similar dating apps in the market.  Currently, it has 12 paid features that you can choose from. However, each feature is priced at £1.19 and you only purchase the feature you want to use. Whereas, many similar apps have a monthly subscription plan for an average of £15 per month that gives you access to all their features. However, many users hardly make use of all the features and thus end up paying for something they don’t need.

Download the app today and try it for yourself. It’s a great place to meet and connect with like-minded people of similar culture and traditions. Desee is available globally and you can enable the feature of changing your location and connecting with people all around the world. Check them out more on


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