YouCanFreeUs – International Anti-Human Trafficking Organization Starts Operations in the UK


YouCanFreeUs is an international human rights organization that is fighting human trafficking around the world through advocacy, rescue and rehabilitation. YouCanFree.Us rescues women and children out of slavery and commercial sexual exploitation, provides24/7 360 long-term psychosocial care and holistic healing, and then helps them to re-enter societythrough vocational programs and employment opportunities.

YouCanFreeUs began fighting modern slavery in 2010, and since then has rescued and successfully rehabilitated over 120 women and children. It currently operates two safe houses and one training centre in Mumbai, India, and one safe house in Warsaw, Poland.  It is also present in the US and Canada where it holdsregular awareness campaigns with fashion, sports and arts.

The focus of YouCanFreeUs has been on rescue and long-term rehabilitation of victims, but it is now expanding its scope to address the prevention of human trafficking through a comprehensive educational curriculum called The VOX Initiative, which is being launched in schools across the world.

YouCanFreeUs arrived in the UKat the end of 2016with the objective of raising awareness among different communities in the country as well as fundraising for its operations abroad. It has been gaining further expertise by researching and evaluating the situation of human trafficking/modern slavery in the country and by meeting extensively with government officials, private corporations, schools and other charities that work in the same field.

YouCanFreeUs – UK will initially function as a resource hub for its global operations but is also planning to launch The VOX initiative in schools around the country and to operate safe houses and training centres, offering long-term support to victims.

YouCanFreeUs was founded by Sujo John, a 9/11 survivor whose inspiring story launched him into a motivational speaking career.  Today he shares his story of hope, restoration, and change at universities, sporting events, Fortune 500 companies, and festivals in hundreds of cities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

He has been featured in national and international publications including the BBC, CBC, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Times of London, The National Post, and recently his story appeared in the National Geographic TV channel – “The Story of God” with Morgan Freeman.  His fight against modern slavery hasencouraged a network of global leaders to raise their voice against this evil of our times.

Sujo John is on a speaking tour in the United Kingdom on the week of May 14th, 2017 and is available for media interviews on May 16, 2017.  For more details, please visit



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