Community Unity at Heart of Gold Awards


A big congratulation is in order for everyone who made the Heart of Gold Awards such a big success. The past 6 years have given many chances to celebrate integral people in the community, who help others by doing things such as helping out in the soup kitchens to just being a pleasant neighbour.

Chief Executive Abdullah Rehman has said, ‘The evening went above and beyond my expectations, it carried out it’s true purpose to empower communities, inspire individuals and 2celebrate the community cohesion which exists within Balsall Heath. It is incredibly important to recognise and celebrate achievements of those who contribute, in Balsall Heath it’s more than an award ceremony, it’s a family celebration.’

Birmingham Lord Mayor and Lord Mayoress were guests of honour at the event and had commented on how they thought the Heart of Gold Awards was the best community event that they had attended to date. Especially mentioning how uplifting and pleasing it was to see that so many women of different ages and backgrounds had attended and were being recognised for their hard work and achievements. This is something that the Lord Mayor intends to advocate during his tenure.

Sir Paul Scott-Lee, former Chief Constable and Deputy Lord Lieutenant had expressed that the children’s violin performance at the beginning of the night was wonderful and also commended the impressive acting skills from the children of the Nelson Mandela School, who perfectly performed extracts from William Shakespeare’s plays.

The Balsall Heath Forum were also extremely pleased to have received a video stream from7 Baroness Warsi, which was played to over 300 people. The Baroness had sent out her apologies for not being able to attend the event and congratulated all of the nominees and inspirational women of Birmingham city on their Heart of Gold award.

This event was seen as being an excellent and prime example of community cohesion, with an unbelievable turnout of residents dominated by women from all different walks of life. All coming together simply to celebrate their valuable contribution to the community.

Councillor Waseem Zaffer, cabinet member for Transparency Openness and Equality said “Tonight Balsall Heath Forum not only showcased the best of Balsall Heath, but also the best of Birmingham”.


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