Leicester Thieves Threatened Singh Shopkeeper with Bogus Knives and Guns

Sarabjit's shop, Tudor News, in Leicester. Pic: Google Maps

Sarabjit Singh has become a local hero after defending his shop from two would-be thieves. Steven Watkins, 23, and another man approached the shop at 6am and told Sarabjit “Give us all your money.”

The other then said, “I have a knife and a gun.”

Sarabjit called for help and grabbed a bottle in self-defence as the thieves grabbed the till- worth £400- off the counter and ran, with Sarabjit chasing after them until they disappeared from view. The till was eventually found in a back garden, badly damaged, with half its contents missing.

Judge Robert Brown said:

You threatened this shopkeeper saying you had a knife and a gun.

“Although you didn’t possess those weapons your victim wasn’t to know that and the threat must have seemed very real to him on hearing those words.”

Knight adds that the defendants were prolific in their criminal offences and dishonesty. Watkins has over 50 offences on his record, including arson and thefts.

According to Paul Crampin, mitigating, the sentenced had stolen the money in order to fuel their drinking and drug addictions. He added that Watkins showed remorse and was shocked by his own behaviour.



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