Colorful, Gripping, Bold; Harman Virk’s makes his Debut with Lakeeran

Romantic drama released on Friday 21st October 2016


Lakeeran, produced by Wonderland Amusement Parks Pvt. Ltd, is a Punjabi romantic drama starring Harman Virk and Yuvika Chaudhary in lead roles with Gurinder Rai, Shivendra Mahal, B.N. Sharma, Nirmal Rishi in pivotal roles. The film that at first seems like a simple romantic love story takes an unexpected turn that will have the audiences clutching their seats and experiencing a whirlwind of emotional drama. The story brings back the lost charm of old school romance and the importance of the sense of belonging.

The movie is shot in the spectacular country of Portugal and the beautiful Punjab. The movie is further scattered with short situational songs shot amidst the vibrant colours of Punjab. The love song ‘Nimma Nimma’ has been picturised in Kashmir bringing out the beauty of heaven on earth for the audiences to enjoy. The cinematography is by Nazir Khan, Anshul Chobey, João Monge.

The music is produced by Dr. Zeus and Santosh Kataria, with 7 melodious songs including two short folk songs on the plight of destiny composed by Arif Lohar. The versatile album promises music for all tastes. The songs are sung by popular names like Zora Randhawa and Fateh; and the traditional music lovers are catered with songs by Nachhatar Gill, Jaspinder Narula and Feroz Khan.

There is no denying that Lakeeran is one of the most stylishly made films of Punjabi cinema. Harman Virk makes a amazing debut. The director leaves no stone unturned to showcase Harman’s acting talent and physique and Harman definitely manages to impress.

The creative head  has made an elegant movie and many scenes leave a strong impact on the viewer. The music is completely in sync with the mood of the film as Nazir Khan beautifully captures locations in and around Europe and Punjab.

Lakeeran is a beautifully presented sweet love story. Watch it for an impressive debut by Harman Virk, who puts his heart and soul into the movie. Lakeeran is the kind of story that stays with you so grab your tickets and immerse yourself.



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