Brummy Kids to Get Inspired with Donated Sports Kit


Birmingham has been bitten by the sporting bug yet again in the gear up for BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016.

BBC Get Inspired, in association with Birmingham City Council, Sport Birmingham, BBC WM and BBC Birmingham, have launched sports kit donations for Brummy youth, giving them a chance to get into sport and adopt a more active lifestyle. The Reclaim Sport Kit collection project will be putting up over 20 donation bins in schools, supermarkets and public areas.

Donated kits will go to community organisations in deprived areas of Brum. These will then give kids the opportunity to get involved with sports, helping promote an active lifestyle as well as develop social and physical skills.

Kindly kit donators will be able to share their story with the public on BBC WM or online using the hashtag #HaveMyKit.

Katharine Merry, an Olympian sprinter, said ““This is a brilliant idea which everyone in the city can part be of and help lots of local children get active. We all have sports equipment and gear that we no longer use!  I hope the idea will be picked up on a national scale once everyone has seen how successful it is in Birmingham.”

Project leader for Get Inspired, Sharon Fuller, said: “This really is a chance for the people of Birmingham to give back to the wider community and help the next generation enjoy the benefits of sport. Whether it’s a football top, pair of trainers, rugby ball or a hockey stick no donation is too small. We want the people of Birmingham to take this opportunity to rummage through their wardrobe, get rid of those unused items they’ve had for years and donate to this fantastic cause.”

You can find a full list of the collection bins in your local area on the BBC Get Inspired website


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