Usher Features A Very Desi Guest on New Album

Voiceover on song sends ripples throughout the fandoms


Usher’s latest album, Hard II Love, is out on Tidal. It’s a long album with 15 tracks, some of which are 4 minutes long, one particularly stands out at 8 minutes long, however it’s the very first track on the album which has fans quizzed, shocked and pleasantly surprised.

The first song is titled Need U (Conversation with Priyanka Chopra), a slow sonorous track with a buzzing baseline and light vocals. The best (or at least most curious) part is at the end where Priyanka offers a husky voiceover:

“Everybody wants somebody that’s got…confidence. He should make me feel safe, make me laugh, everything about him should feel sexy. His walk. His talk. He’s gotta be effortless, you know? Not trying too hard. What do you want in someone?” 

A month ago, Priyanka posted a picture of her and the r’n’b star on Instagram, something that peaked fans interest. Was it a possible collaboration? A TV appearance? We seem to have the answer, and it’s not Hard II Love.



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