PRAZA to host launch party for its Mission Impossible rickshaw after it gets the PRAZA and Bombay Sapphire treatment!


PRAZA’s Mission Impossible rickshaw, which was first debuted at their launch party back in 2015 complete with the original bullet hole from the film, has been given the PRAZA and Bombay Sapphire treatment!

To celebrate its makeover, PRAZA and Bombay Sapphire are hosting an exclusive launch party on Thursday 13th October 2016, with select members of the press. It promises to be a truly unique PRAZA and Bombay Sapphire experience and Birmingham’s first ever rickshaw launch party.

The all new, pimped up rickshaw (which appeared in one of the Mission Impossible movies – and still has the bullet hole in the back!) was commissioned by Bombay Sapphire who have kitted it out in black, complete with a PRAZA number plate and branding, stylish LED lighting, a music station, seating for two and the best feature – a mini Bombay Sapphire gin bar.

The PRAZA Bombay Sapphire Rickshaw will serve the purpose of transporting diners to and from Pushkar and PRAZA, and providing lifts for PRAZA diners from nearby hotels along the Hagley Road. Diners can enjoy exquisite Bombay Sapphire gin and an array of music during their rickshaw ride to PRAZA.

The exclusive launch party will take place at PRAZA Edgbaston where Bombay sapphire will be indulging guests with complimentary gin all night. Guests can also enjoy PRAZA’s award winning Indian cuisine and, of course, a ride in the PRAZA Bombay Sapphire Rickshaw. There will also be opportunities to win numerous complimentary gifts and prizes.

Rai Singh, Creative Director at PRAZA Edgbaston and Pushkar Cocktail Bar and Dining, said:

‘PRAZA is a decadent, art deco restaurant. We give our customers a whole experience rather than just an exquisite meal. The rickshaw is simply another dimension to this; it’s a fun and indulgent way for our diners to arrive in style.

“We’re thrilled with what Bombay Sapphire have done with the rickshaw, it looks fantastic! Our diners will be impressed with it, too, I’m sure – and not least with the complimentary gin! We love a good launch party at PRAZA and we’re excited to host the rickshaw launch party with Bombay Sapphire.’


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