Police Raid Birmingham Secret Brothel

A business operating in the centre centre was revealed to be a brothel with 200 customers a day

The now closed Libra Club

Libra Club, an ‘exclusive gentleman’s retreat’ based in Birmingham city centre has been found to be a secret brothel. The brothel made over £7 million between 2010-2015, using 20 prostitutes and bringing in up to 200 customers a day.

Six people have admitted to running the illegal business, three men and three women, and have all appeared at Birmingham Crown Court. They pleaded guilty to managing or assisting the brothel for prostitution purposes. Two of them are Achilleos Neophytou, 66, and his 25-year-old son Stefanos Neophytou.

Their sentencing has been adjourned until October 17th.

The Libra Club was raided back in 2015, with fifty police officers storming into the club in a 5am sting. The raid followed months of surveillance and gathering of evidence. Local residents were the first to raise suspicions after a number of troubling incidents, including a shotgun being fired, arson and numerous violent outbreaks.

Warrants are out for the Libra Club’s sister venues as well as the club owner’s homes. When the warrant first went out  for Libra Club, thirteen women were found working there at the time.


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