Tanveer Iqbal Killers Jailed

Scorned mistress of music producer jailed along with ex husband

Zatoon Bibi and Gul Nawaz- Image provided by West Midlands Police

Zatoon Bibi and her husband Gul Nawaz conspired to murder DJ and music producer Tanveer Iqbal in February 2016. Both have been jailed for life with Bibi serving a minimum of 27 years and Nawaz a minimum of 25 years. Their 16-year-old son was also handed a six year sentence for the conviction of murder.

Bibi wanted revenge after being rejected by Iqbal who she was having an affair with, the man was strangled and his remains stuffed into a cardboard box in his car. A 17-year-old girl will also be sentenced for perverting the course of justice after providing a false alibi.

Judge Mark Wall stated in court to Bibi that “Your selfishness and manipulative behaviour are truly breath-taking.” The judge additionally lifted a reporting restriction to name their 16-year-old son Kashim Nawaz as a third person who participated in the murder. The judge informed Bibi, “You were the one person pushing your own son to commit murder.”

Iqbal’s family released a statement saying, “Tanveer was taken away from us in a way which has had a profound effect and changed our lives forever.

“It is indescribable pain to lose a loved one in such a brutal manner.”



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