Limelight for Lucky Birmingham Business

Interviews for marketing business Wow Zone selected for ‘The Job Interview.’

As Seen on Channel 4 The Job Interview.

Birmingham’s budding job applicants got a taste of stardom when Channel 4’s ‘The Job Interview’ came down to film their interview process.

The four applicants were vying to land a job as account managers, overseeing internet marketing campaigns, with Birmingham based internet company Wow Zone.

Some of the less than stellar snippets of the interview process caught on camera included a receptionist being caught whispering that one of the interviewees looked like Chewbacca.

One of the lucky four to land a job was London café waitress Anna Abedayo, 27. Qasim Majid, the chief executive of Wow, said:

“Anna loves to get out of her comfort zones, which is one of the main reasons as to why she was picked. Moving to Birmingham and working for Wow Zone was another challenge she had yet to face, she met this change with optimism and had a very great work ethic.

“She is learning the world of digital as she goes along, however, her main quality is ambition/enthusiasm – which is unteachable. There are many reasons Anna got this job, one of the main reasons was because of her presentation on the show.

“It showcased her ability to deal with situations under pressure, whilst coming across as professional! In an ever evolving digital world, this is a highly demanded skill, so congratulations Anna.”

Wow Zone, located in the Jewellery Quarter, has been running for 12 years and “does everything from growing businesses online via digital marketing to designing (and building) robust and innovative websites.”

Majid said he was first approached by ‘The Job Interview’ after they saw a few of his online business videos. “The production company contacted us for this opportunity, which was great because at the time we were looking to expand our team anyway. It felt like hitting two birds with one stone and it’s worked out perfectly.”

Newly employed Anna said, “I may not be the most skilled but I’m mouldable. A positive attitude takes you a long way…I cannot control the competition, I can only control me. All I have to focus on is preparing myself.”


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