Bordesley Green Primary to Provide Clean Water for Needy Communities

Youngsters show the spirit of Ramadan by helping the poor


Pupils at Bordesley Green Primary School have been digging deep this Ramadan and challenging themselves to provide clean water for as many people as possible. The youngsters raised a total of £2,100 which has been donated to international humanitarian charity Penny Appeal, and will go on to build wells in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

As many youngsters prepared to complete their first fasts and find out for themselves the hardship of having no food or water on long, hot days. They wanted to encourage giving, kindness and generosity among their classmates, teachers and families and be part of something that would benefit the poor and needy.

Pupils in Year 5 were advocates of the project, going round every class in the school to explain why they were raising money, collecting donations and providing updates.

The response to their requests for donations was phenomenal, with over £700 raised in the first three days. They went on to collect £2,100 over 18 school days, with money donated by a whole range of people, from the youngest pupils aged just four, to lunch-time supervisors, visitors and the wider community.

Hanifa Rahman, a teacher at the school said: “We did not imagine the immense impact this project would come to have! Donations poured in – money came in containers of all shapes and sizes, from carrier bags to yoghurt pots ­– and the pupils clearly showed empathy; caring about children and families they have not met, but know that their lives do matter.”

Staff and parents were also impressed with how the pupils went about raising money – they demonstrated their skills in negotiation by trading chocolates for sibling’s pennies, exhausted all their social media resources and digital skills, and showed innovative entrepreneurial skills.

Penny Appeal’s Midlands Fundraising Manager Haroon Mota visited the Marchmont Road school to tell everybody more about the charity’s Thirst Relief campaign, which builds wells around the world so that people have nearby, reliable access to clean water.

He said: “The pupils have achieved something truly outstanding and shown incredible character in taking responsibility for helping those less fortunate.”

Jayne Clayton, Assistant Head at the school, added: “We often talk about leaving a legacy, well the fantastic support and efforts from our staff, children and families will have a massive impact on thousands of people’s lives. I’m so proud to be part of the Bordesley Green Primary School community in supporting Penny Appeal.”

Find out more about Penny Appeal’s Thirst Relief project and other work and donate at or by calling 03000 11 11 11.





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