Ex-Wife Attacks Husband

Police officer found a man covered in blood on a Birmingham street after his ex-wife allegedly attacked him.

Dalya Saeed

A police officer discovered Bilal Mir covered in blood on a Birmingham street after his ex-wife, Dalya Saeed supposedly stabbed him and tried to pull out his intestines.

34-year-old, Dalya Saeed has refuted attempted murder of taxi driver Bilal Mir at her Moseley home.

Prosecutors claim Dalya Saeed attacked Bilal Mir after they had sex at her home in Moseley and then followed him outside, with a meat cleaver.

She was also indicted of slamming a fry pan and salt and pepper grinder on her ex-husband during the alleged attack.

Pc Gavin Simms told Birmingham Crown Court he had been called to the Moseley address at around 3am on October 20 last year and was met by the blood-soaked defendant.

He said: “A female approached me who was just wearing a dressing gown. She appeared to be in distress. There was blood on her face, her dressing gown and her hair was literally covered in blood.

“She was mumbling something but I could not hear what she was saying. She had an injury to her left hand. It was deep. I could see it was gaping.”

The officer called for an ambulance and then trailed the groaning and whimpering coming from close by, while a colleague remained with the defendant.

“There was a porch and I looked through the doors and I could see legs propped up against the wall,” Pc Simms said.

“I could see there was a male lying across the doors of the porch. His toes were covered in blood. His internal organs were protruding from his abdomen.

“He appeared to be bleeding heavily from several wounds, I could not make out from which specific wound.

“There was a meat cleaver near his hand, about 30 centimetres away. He was asking for help and saying to hurry.”

Asked what his reaction was to what he saw the officer said: “I was shocked to be honest. I had absolutely no idea how to administer first aid to the man.

“I saw a knife in the road, a large kitchen knife with a black handle.”

Pc Simms said he later escorted Mr Mir to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Previously, a neighbour Heather Brookes said she had been asleep when she was awakened by a man crying for help.

“It sounded desperate so I thought the best thing to do was call the police,” she said.

“I looked out of the window and I realised this man was in his underwear. There was a woman with him. It looked like she was kind of slapping him.

“He was making a sort of wailing noise. I heard the woman say, ‘He tried to kill me’.”

Mr Mir, a taxi driver, had previously told the court he and his ex-wife had split in 2013 and that she had requested him to visit her to chat about their daughter.

He said he reached at the address in the morning and they had sex.

Mr Miah said that as they were about to become intimate again she had unexpectedly pulled out a carving knife and stabbed him twice in the stomach.

He appealed that she attempted to yank out part of his intestines and had assaulted him with a salt and pepper grinder, before he escaped into the street.


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