Flood in Heartlands

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital affirmed a major incident after “intense rain” flooded the accident and emergency department.


Patients had to be shifted to other parts of Heartlands Hospital because of the heavy rainstorm, which left corridors and the main entrance drenched.

Hospital superiors have asked fellows of the public who need emergency treatment to go to their closest substitute emergency department.

A statement issued by the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust which runs the hospital, said: “Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust today (June 14) declared a major incident at Heartlands Hospital due to flooding in its Emergency Department as a result of intense rain.

“Affected patients were transferred safely to other parts of the hospital to be treated. Any other members of the public who need emergency treatment are asked to go to their nearest alternative Emergency Department, Minor Injuries Unit or walk-in centre.

“If you, or your family, have life-threatening injuries please call 999 as usual and the ambulance service will take you to the appropriate place for treatment.”

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust said: “The incident was over by around 6.30pm.”

A statement read: “The incident declared by Heartlands Hospital earlier today has been ‎stood down and work is on-going to ensure that the Emergency Department is running as normal as soon as possible.”


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