Four Weeks Of Togetherness With Asda This Ramadan

Ramadan is fast approaching and Asda know that planning for Iftari meals has already begun in many households.


Mums all over the UK have started stocking up and looking for recipes and meal ideas for Iftari; and because Asda understands the needs of the community, we strive to make your shopping easier by providing all your favourite Ramadan must-haves under one roof. With this in mind, Asda have carefully selected a range of authentic food items at amazing prices which are important to the community during Ramadan to ensure that this year Ramadan shopping is as seamless as possible.

This year Asda have compiled some of your favourite Ramadan essentials to bring to you: “4 weeks of togetherness”. These include some of your favourite Iftari classic meals such as Samosas and Kebabs, fast breakers like dates and almonds, condiments like mixed pickle and of course sweet treats like Rassogulla to end your meals with.

4 Weeks of Togetherness Meal Plan



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