Damaged Luggage

Birmingham Airport receives more complaints than any other airport in the UK about damaged luggage.


A huge number of irate travellers have complained about damaged luggage in Birmingham Airport, bringing the Airport’s complaint levels sky high.

A total of 96 complaints have been made to the Civil Aviation Authority about the airport over the past five years, which works out at one in 484,918.

A Freedom of Information request has found passengers are more than 10 times as likely to have their baggage lost or damaged in Birmingham than Bristol Airport.

The Emirates airline was the most complained about, followed closely by British Airways.

A Birmingham Airport spokesperson said: “All airports have different profiles of passengers, destinations and airlines. Those with more low cost airlines or business passengers won’t handle as many hold bags as those with more long-haul flights and charter services.”

Sandra Hart writes a review for Birmingham Airport after travelling on Emirates, saying: “The baggage was absolute chaos, some were on the carousel, some were just dumped on the floor by the baggage handlers. Took almost 2 hours to get out.”

It is not only the damaged baggage that seems to be the problem; rather it is a number of things, including time wasting. When people are naturally tired after a long flight, they want to move quickly past the airport to get home and relax, but Birmingham Airport does not provide this solace.

Many people are refusing to travel to and from Birmingham Airport due to this.




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